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It's advisable to book a table, especially at busy times or if you are a group of 6 or more. We can take pre-orders by email if you are short of time, and we can also put pizzas into boxes to takeaway but you will need to come into the pub in person to place the order, we cant guarantee to pick up phone or email orders during service. Our email address is
We cook most of our food from fresh, and endeavour to use the highest quality ingredients from local suppliers wherever possible.
We prepare our menu using a wide range of ingredients. If you require information regarding allergens or you suffer from an allergy, please ask at the bar before you order your meal. We will then ensure our chefs take steps to minimise the risk of allergens cross contaminating your meal during preparation and service.


Bengal Lancer, Fullers (5.0%)

Inspired by the classic India Pale Ales of times gone by, Fuller’s Bengal Lancer redefines Eastern promise. With a full-bodied flavour and spicy character, it’s an IPA that grabs the reins and leads from the front.

Peroni, Nastro Azzurro, Miller Brands UK (5.1%)

Brewed from the finest spring planted barley malts, Peroni has a unique balanced taste with a delicate aroma arising from the hops of the most exclusive varieties.

Red Fox, Fullers (4.3%)

First seen in autumn 1999, Fuller’s Red Fox is back on the bars this year with that same rich, red ruby colour and toasted oats flavour that make it the perfect pint for the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.

Frontier, Fullers (4.5%)

New wave craft lager

ESB, Fullers (5.5%)

Our extra-special Bitter

Montana Red Rye Ale, Fullers (4.5%)

Montana - known the world over for its wild, natural beauty. A place where rugged earth forges mountain peaks and waterfalls, and where all manner of flora and fauna thrive. The perfect namesake then, for this naturally beautiful beer.

Wild River , Fullers (4.5%)

Wild River is a double hopped pale ale that uses some of the finest American hops available such as Liberty, Willamette, Cascade and Chinook.

San Miguel, Carlsberg UK Ltd (5.0%)

San Miguel is brewed using a special mashing process which gives the beer a fuller and slightly sweeter flavour. The unique recipe and San Miguel yeast then come together to deliver a refreshing, full bodied beer with a great taste.

Amstel Lager, Amstel (4.1%)

Beautiful golden color with a mildly bitter taste and cheerful character.

London Pride, Fullers (4.1%)

In recent years its popularity has grown to the extent that it is now Britain’s leading premium ale: a welcome fixture in many pubs and off licences around the country, and now winning new friends abroad.

Seafarers, Fullers (3.6%)

Light refreshing English bitter

Guinness Extra Cold, Guinness (4.3%)

Black as the night with a creamy tan head with a coffee and mild roasted aroma and flavour. Medium (light) bodied and a soft carbonation, a real mellow sweetness.

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